I am a designer who reshapes what already exists. I continuously investigate how to improve the classic rather than hunting down the new. By researching the highest quality materials and finest craftsmen I aim to make products that become greater than the sum of its parts. “If the only function of design is to be special or new it is missing an opportunity to be more than that, there is so much more to discover.” I am available for research, design and creative direction. I believe that by a close collaboration between designer and producer you can optimize processes that create better products and contribute to every link in the supply chain and beyond. Education, selected independent work, work for clients and exhibitions. Current 2019 Material and design research for Patta. A close collaboration with streetwear label Patta. I’m exploring new ways of producing and setting up new design concepts. We are currently working on the AW’20 collections (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).Current 2019 Together, furniture design for Sugi Koujou. A collaboration with the renowned Japanse furniture factory Sugi Koujou that specializes in wooden furniture. I was invited to design a ‘one off’ collection that was exhibited April 2019. We are currently working on the development of a full furniture collection to be presented summer 2020 (Tokyo, Japan). 2018 Foundation, design, creative direction and production for TOSSIJN. I designed a minimal, all black collection of mens clothing to create space in the wardrobe and beyond. The collection was entirely made in Europe with the finest materials and manufacturers of which, Zegna, Larusmiani, Cheaney, Black Horse Lane, Bresciani and Fox Brothers (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2018 Beams gallery, Quotation magazine and Studio the Future, exhibition. Koen Tossijn, Duran Lantink, Bonne Reijn, Order, Red Light Radio, De School, San Serriffe, Aukje Dekker, Children of the Light & Olya Oleinic were presented as The  Dutch New Wave at Beams gallery (Tokyo, Japan). 2018 Everyday, creative concept for TOSSIJN campaign with Noel Loozen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2016-2019 TOSSIJN Brand & Store, founder, creative director and managing director. The home of the TOSSIJN collection based on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. From here I managed a team of personnel (store staff, photographers, copy writers, communication strategists, suppliers and manufacturers) and was creative director of the collection, the store and the communication of TOSSIJN (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2016 Archetype, design, creative direction and production for TOSSIJN. I designed  a collection of archetypal men’s garments made with the finest materials and craftsman from Japan, Britain and Italy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2016-2019 Nalden, became a partner in TOSSIJN, I raised a round of funding to expand the collection and open a store (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2015 Universal, design, creative direction and production for Atelier Tossijn. I designed an outfit you can wear for any occasion both to the office for some heavy welding or the opera with your loved ones. Made together with the finest materials and craftsman from Britain and Italy of which Loro Pianaand Lock & Co. Hatters (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2013 Bonne Reijn, design, pattern and make of the Bonne Suit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2013 Centraal museum Utrecht, selected the Atelier Tossijn made to measure jeans for the collection (Utrecht, The Netherlands). 2013 Restaurant Toscanini, design and production of the kitchen staff clothing (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2013 Centraal museum, Utrecht, 350 years of jeans, exhibition (Utrecht, The Netherlands). 2012 SPRMRKT, temporary atelier at the store (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2011 Hosselaer x Atelier Tossijn for Dj Edzon (Patta), design and make of a made to measure tribute to Dapper Dan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2010-2012 Sweatshop, design, make and creative direction for Atelier Tossijn. In an attempt to find alternative ways of producing I created a series of handmade sweatshirts, shorts and bags made with fabrics sourced from Japan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2009-2016 Designing by making, design, make and creative production of 236 made to measure jeans for individual clients. I deliberately handled everything in the process of making a pair of jeans. Selecting the denim from the Kuroki mill, measuring a large base of international clients, making the patterns, sewing the jeans, communicating my brand and selling the product (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2008 Founded Atelier Tossijn (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).2005-2016 Restaurant Toscanini, Manager (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). 2005-2008  Royal academy of fine arts (KABK), Fashion and Textiles (The Hague, The Netherlands). Skills. Founder, positive, managing, organization, decision making, stress management, collaborating, streamlining processes, improving, investigating, attention to detail, design, sewing, pattern making, social media, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, English and Dutch. Selected press and publications. Quotation Magazine, Lodown Magazine, Monocle, JJJJound, A Shaded View on Fashion, Another Something, Hypebeast, Heritage Post, Superfuture, WGSN, Esquire, GQ, Vogue, Elle, Het Parool, FD, NRC, De Volkskrant.     .